EarthCoin was born 100 years to the day of the formation of the Federal Reserve Act.  Coincidence?  It was born out of a necessity to transfer value to anyone, anywhere with out burden or borders, a seemingly impossible task today.  More indirectly that concept has a broad implication for the World as we know it and it stands the chance to challenge the corrupt, fraudulent, manipulative owners of the legacy banking regime.  Those identifiers are not my opinions, you can research any financial paper to see the record fines for wrong-doing issued each and everyday.  Over one trillion dollars, that is a million multiplied by a million, in penalties against some of the biggest most reputable institutions on the planet, yet they continue to operate because it is believed that there is no alternative.

There is now.  EarthCoin.  A pretty logo with a belief behind it.  But not just any belief.  A transparent, cryptographic proof of work administered through a decentralized mechanism that verifies the integrity and the authenticity of the credit, or store of value we call EarthCoin kind of belief.  You do not have to take my word for things, you do not have to ‘trust’ the party you are transacting with, you can literally verify everything on the blockchain, a perfect ledger that maintains a record of every legitimate coin ever created.  It is even easier than that.  The verification occurs automatically through the network of participants who also believe in EarthCoin’s legitimacy.

The discussion that is to follow will be grande.  It will be a discussion that was reserved for a very few private elite individuals over the last few millenia.  From Kings of the early era, to our friends around the table on JekylIsland, the conversation that follows this post will be nothing short of inspirational and revolutionary.  The debate has always been profound, it is just that you have never been a part of it!

The debate will center on belief.  The understanding of not an idea, but a belief.  A belief that is so far entrenched in the lives of the earthcoincollective participants who believe, that it can withstand any attack, any discredit, any scrutiny.  The simplicity in that pretext alone makes one wonder how on Earth anyone convinced us to walk around with paper money in our pocket, whose value is represented by noteworthy historical individuals or animals or images of sacrifice and discovery, scripture that suggests the paper image is divine through its implication of “In God We Trust,” or how about the conspiratorial, mysterious artwork on the paper image that conjures up folklore legend and mystery, yet day after day we are cited example after example of the currency being untrustable, unsecure and especially unsustainable?  But that is exactly how it was done, through personification and imagery, preying on our weaknesses as human beings.

We all inherently know that paper money is worthless yet we base our entire existence upon it.  The belief in the store of value that we call money was and still is, secretly and carefully fashioned to take advantage of our most basic instincts.  Our empathy, our desire to be connected, our sacrifices and achievements, our identity among many other factors that are considered in the design of a paper note.  So much energy, time and effort has gone into these creations because in all actuality there is absolutely no value what-so-ever.   However in drawing inference to one’s beliefs and one’s identity, value can be implied!

The difference with a crypto-currency like EarthCoin however is that its’ perfectly simple algorthims, transparency and authenticity need no gimmicks or theatrics.  It is pure.  We, as a community, have been able to create value through a simple logo without any deception or personification or imagery.  The value exists from the beginning because of an inability to be counterfeited or manipulated or challenged, something traditional stores of value can never accomplish.

earthcoinSo if we take what we like to call a road map and have the entire journey to adoption mapped out through philosophical checkpoints and ideologies, imagine the strength, solidarity and value that can be achieved when we all sit in on the not so secret conversation of how to convince the World that EarthCoin is a true store of value.  No folklore, no legend, no divinity, no idol, just time and effort to educate the uninformed!

What I would like to follow is a roadmap of philosophical checkpoints.  Concepts that must be created, grown and fulfilled along the path to adoption using the secretive methodologies that were employed for traditional currencies.  When the medium being used is transparent, pure and true, then the discussion behind its development can also benefit from this good karma.

Through discussion I would like the community to develop a dozen titles for some checkpoints along the road to total adoption.  Each one of these titles will be placed in an easy to read graphic form along EarthCoin’s sine curve road of adoption.  Each title is a concept which will then link to its forum post where it can be discussed developed, grown and implemented.  Everyone will have ideas, some will not be accepted, some will be cheered, some will overlap in other areas.  It is the point of discussion.  Some would say this is impossible, and this is exactly why ten men around a table are a much better strategy to create and have an idea adopted.  I disagree.  I do not believe those people had an occasion where the topic of discussion had the ability to directly benefit an unlimited amount of people that participate.  In the traditional sense, there are leaders and there are followers.  With EarthCoin we all are leaders and have proportional ownership of the concept, simply revolutionary!

The first bulletin on the roadmap will be EarthCoin’s birth.

a)      EarthCoin born December 20th, 2013 – 100th  Anniversary of the Federal Reserve.

-          This will be a post on the EarthCoinTalk forum where as developers we will describe ourselves, our beliefs, our reasons for creating the coin and you will learn quite a bit about the eccentric, sometimes sensational personalities behind the creation.  That is an ongoing discussion as we ourselves evolve and assimilate more developers behind the scenes.

b)      The Perception of EarthCoin

-          From its graphics to its colors, this too will be a philosophical idea and checkpoint on the road.   Its scope is large, evolving and never ending through its discussion.

-          Marketing assets, identifiable traits that represent us all – not an eagle or the all seeing eye.

-          Identify how and why one would believe in paper money?

-          What allows someone to believe in EarthCoin, what do we want it to be?

-          Using the tools employed to bring about a following of other legacy currencies is not an evil thing when used in the decentralized nature we have the privilege of operating in today.  The discussion is not private anymore, it is for everyone!

The community under the main thread can come up with the bulletin points of the ideological checkpoints that need to be discussed to bring about full adoption.  Again this is just a frame work that one person has come up with, me.  I may not be right in my perspective of how to accomplish this but I have given it considerable insight and tried to play the thought experiment through to conclusion and this seems like the way in which one would participate in such a broad development that involves all of us.

Let the creativity begin!