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A wallet. This is a small piece of software (but can be paper) which can be found here:

  • Android: Coming soon (in Beta)
  • Iphone: Coming soon


  • (For windows): Just double click on the file and follow the steps of the installation.  
  • (For Mac): Unzip and mount the disk image file. Drag the Earthcoin icon to your Applications folder. Newer versions of OSX ask you to confirm when run a program that is not purchased the the Apple App Store. When you first run the app, ctrl-click and select "Open". Verify that you want to run the app. If you have difficulties,  use this method. 


Once you start the program (now referred to as wallet), you will see a 0.00 balance. You will also see other tabs like Send and Receive and they will allow you to send your coins to someone or receive coins from someone. But like any other new wallet, they start empty.

Obtaining EarthCoins:

This can be achieved via various ways. Please follow this link for more information.

  • Mining: Basically letting your computer work for you and generate EarthCoins. This requires advanced knowledge of hardware.
  • Trading: This can be done at various sites. Follow the link to see which traders support EarthCoin.
  • Buying: Please follow this link to view the various options available.
  • Donation: This is when people are nice enough to donate you some Earthcoin. this can be done via either a Faucet (link?) or people willing to give you Earthcoins directly to your wallet address.