The People's Currency, Freedom and Foresight

100 Bangladeshi Taka equals 1.3 United States dollars. 2800 taka is the average wage that a minimum wage worker receives each month in Bangladesh. This is not a joke. They literally get paid a little over $36 per month for their efforts.

We have all been poisoned for over 100 years and suffer from the same affliction, whether we have been fortunate to live in luxury or poverty, the disease has infected all of us. Some can live with the disease for a lifetime through fortune, some do not get to live at all. Some of us can eat food each and every day, some of us do not get to eat at all.

Fractional reserve fiat currencies have infected all aspects of human existence on the Earth. Through direct examples as mentioned above or through indirect correlation as to how cities are designed or how medicine is administered or where strawberries are grown. Centrally organized institutions regulating the money supply for the betterment of each of their respective nations, trying to outwit one another to achieve exclusive benefits in an ever-expanding inflationary environment that only destroys value with each passing second. Some would call it a common divider. A mechanism through its degradation that has fostered and supported fraud, cheating, manipulation, counterfeit, crime, mistrust and War.

“It is no coincidence that the century of total War has coincided with the century of central banking.” – Ron Paul

What if everything was the opposite?

Literally everything.

A common denominator that united us all. A currency whose store of value is maintained proportionally by a decentralized network of participants who all have a common goal to support and maintain the value of that currency, building value for future generations through a deflationary mechanism, void of fraud and manipulation, instead fostering openness, fairness and trust. EarthCoin.

EarthCoin has been developed for all of us. To level the playing field. To provide anyone, anywhere the means to transfer value to one another with out fear or mistrust.

“It is no coincidence that the millenium of total Peace coincided with the millenium of decentralized, deflationary currencies like EarthCoin”
– EarthCoin circa 3014.

Imagine removing regulatory bodies whose sole purpose was to ensure the integrity of a store of value based on a set of standards and measurements through the checks and balances of fallible men and instead giving that responsibility to millions of upon millions of participants plugged into an automated network, leaving standardization and confirmation of value up to perfect algorithms, removed of the human condition.


Imagine waking up each and every day with naturally just a little bit more money than you had yesterday.

Imagine how cities would be designed sustainably and how a man’s efforts in Bangladesh would be rewarded with the same incentive as a man in the United States. Imagine how loans would be discouraged and instead work effort and product would become more valuable as humanity expanded.

Imagine travelling anywhere in the World to buy anything from anyone without middlemen transaction fees or conversions. Imagine storing your currency on your password protected cell phone where you are able to buy anything anywhere at anytime, simply by scanning your QR-Code.