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This can be achieved via various ways:

  • Mining: Basically letting your computer work for you and generate EarthCoins. This requires advanced knowledge of hardware. Please follow this link for more information.
  • Trading: This can be done at various sites. Follow the link to see which traders support EarthCoin. Please follow this link for more information.
  • Buying: Please follow this link to view the various options available. More information can be found below.
  • Donation: This is when people are nice enough to donate you some Earthcoin. this can be done via either a Faucet (link?) or people willing to give you Earthcoins directly to your wallet address.
  • Merchants: If you are a business and willing to accept EarthCoins for your goods or services.
  • Charity: EarthCoin is about people and our environment, so charity causes are supported and welcomed to our community.


Please have a look at the following wiki for more information regarding this topic:


Please note: crypto currencies have strong price fluctuations. So you might not end up with the same amount of money you put into the coin.

EarthCoin is 1 of the many coins which can be traded to other coins. To start trading you will need the following:

  1. A currency other than EarthCoin (i.e. BitCoin or US Dollar)
  2. An account at the trader you want your currency to be traded to EarthCoin

Starting from US Dollar

Currently options are under development to buy EarthCoins directly with US Dollar but for this example I will be using a traded which can trade from US Dollar to Bitcoins (as BitCoins are commonly accepted throughout all traders) Also note that traders have different rates due to their own supply and demand besides that they use fees to cover their running and support costs. To have an idea regarding their rates, look at the following page:

Also note that getting your money to 1 of those traders might be more time consuming than you would expect. Paypal and CreditCards do not (yet) support these websites and therefore other ways of money transfers are required. Also these websites might require some sort of ID like a copy of your passport or drivers license.

There is no limitation on creating a user ID on any of these traders, so if you would like to know which transfer methods they support, feel free to create an account.

And just as a suggestion: You might want to use a program like to keep track of all your websites/userIDs and Passwords.

Also feel free to use our forums to learn from the experiences of our users regarding the use of these traders and or other solutions (they vary per country)

So once you have obtained a or a few BitCoins, you can now transfer them to a trader (exchanges) that actually deals with EarthCoins. To do so, you will need to have an account on such a trader (for example Each of these traders have something called balances or wallets. To allow and transaction to be done, you will need to make an (wallet) address on the receiving party. This is usually found within the options of the coin wallet/balance of the coin you want to receive, in our case BitCoin.

Once you have created the receiving address, you can then send the coins to that specific address. The address is unique so the coins will get there although it can take up to an hour (one of the disadvantages of BitCoins unfortunately). Also, you might find that a small fee was being used to transfer your BitCoins. This is normal.



Once your Bitcoins (or any other crypto coin) have arrived to (in our example Cryptsy) the other trader(exchanges), you can now trade your BitCoins to EarthCoins. Please do note that the value of coins fluctuate and therefore the value is not equal from day to day basis. So be sure to invest only what you can miss and do not panic on hefty price fluctuations as they might be only for a short period.



As EarthCoin is a very young coin and its value is still low, people are willing to allow others to have some EarthCoins. This can be obtained via a Faucet (currently depleted) or via give aways. Please have a look at: to see which are currently open. Other options to obtain EarthCoins are via achievements which are also mentioned on that page.



EarthCoin holds value like any other coin currently available. And people use Coins to either trade or purchase goods with them. And with any trade there is always a value going in either direction. So if you want to be trading other goods or services for EartCoins, please sign up on this page: Also have a look at for simplifying your acceptence.



If you are fighting for a good cause or are considering to share some of your earned EarthCoins with one of these causes, please have a look at our wiki: