Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are physical pieces of paper that are printed with keys to a virtual cryptocoin wallet. These pieces of paper are a great way to store your EarthCoins offline and without the risk of digital theft. The keys on our wallets are printed with QR codes. Advised hardware: A laserprinter due to water resistance of the toner.

Please have a look at the following website to start creating your own paper wallets:

Once you have opened you will see multiple tabs. Please read the information on the 1st tab carefully.

As you can see, you can create your own address protected with a password (private key) meaning that you are able to use that address to send coins to this address (also know as wallet). Please only send your coins after you printed the wallet and start with a small amount to test its function. (i.e. 0.02 or something)

Also note that this website offers more options. One which you might like is the 2nd tab. This tab allows you to create wallets with the logo/art of EarthCoin. Basically it works the same as the first page but has 1 extra option called BIP38 Encrypt.

BIP38 Encryption.

BIP38 is basically used to encrypt your wallet and password. So if you were not to use the encryption(BIP38) option, you would be better off saving the wallet on another place then the private key. With no encryption, everyone having access to both the wallet and your private key can spend your funds. Advise: use BIP38. This will then allow you to copy the wallets as many times as you like and make sure that once 1 copy gets lost, the others are still good to be used.

Send coins from you paper wallet

This is more advanced until developers make this part of standard functionality.


  • A digital wallet on a working computer.
  • A paper wallet.
  • Password for both the digital wallet and the paper wallet.

First of all make a backup of your wallet.dat file (instructions can be found in the Wallet wiki) before starting.

Step 1 : Launch your EarthCoin-QT client in Offline Mode (computer not connected to the internet). This is more secure to import private keys. Once wallet has started, go to Help >> Debug window from the menu bar and then click on “ Console ”.


Step 2 : If your wallet is password encrypted you must unlock it first. If not just skip this step and follow step 3. To unlock your wallet, run the following command without quotes, where 600 stands for the seconds your wallet is unlocked.

walletpassphrase “Your Passphrase” “600″

Step 3 : Now import your private key using following command without quotes.

importprivkey “yourPrivateKey” “Label”


Step 4 : Wait for 2-5 minutes while Wallet imports your private key. After 2-5 minutes check your address book for newly imported address.


Step 5 : That’s it. Now you can send these coins to wherever you want.

Note : Since the private key has now been imported to your wallet, it would be no longer consider as cold storage anymore.


Note :  

  1. Paper wallets should be produced on a computer not connected to the Internet.
  2. It’s proven that antivirus software cannot completely rule out the possibility of malware. However, using bootable Linux CD prevents the vast majority of malware from being able to run.
  3. The private keys of paper wallets should never be saved to a computer hard drive, online cloud service or e-mail etc.



Can I check my balance without using my wallet?

Yes you can, although this requires more advances knowledge. In the crypto-currencies world every transaction per address is recorded. The blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions in the  network and to check your balance you can explore the blockchain to see all transactions that happened on your wallet address. An EarthCoin blockchain explorer is available in But please note that when you use multiple addresses, you will need to add the balances per address to come to the final total.