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Earthcoin is a digital form of money known as a cryptocurrency, and it is used more and more in commerce and services. This tutorial gives a step-by-step procedure to help you set up Earthcoin payments for your website, shops and services.

You can use one of the following ways to setup Earthcoin payment. We recommend the first way (using if you are a novice and want to get the Earthcoin accepted quickly for your shop. The second way is for merchants who want to customize the look and feel of their checkout pages.

  • Method – 1: Using
  • Method – 2: Using a Customizable Script

Method – 1:  Using is a payment gateway which provides many easy-to-use tools and utilities to help businesses quickly integrate their shops with a cryptocurrency payment system. supports Earthcoin and many other digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. By using CoinPayments, you can accept several types of cryptocurrencies in your store. charges 0.5% service fee on all the payments.

To integrate with, follow the steps listed below:

  • Create a CoinPayments account
  • Configure it to use Earthcoin
  • Integrate the payment gateway with your shop
  • Get notifications and payments

Create a CoinPayments Account

Go to website, click on the Register button on the upper right side, and register an account. After email verification your account is ready to be used.

Configure it to use Earthcoin

Now log into the CoinPayments account. CoinPayments uses 2-factor authentication (which creates an additional layer of security), and will send a password to your email. Use the password after you log in, and get into the account.

Now go to menu “My Account”->”Coin Acceptance Settings”, and select Earthcoin. You can select other coins too if you want to accept them – all the coins you selected will be available for payment later.

Integrate the Payment with Your Shop

Now you can integrate your shop with the payment system. CoinPayments provides many tools and utilities for merchants, and you can explore and try different tools. For this tutorial, we’ll just create a simple payment button to illustrate how this whole thing works.

Click on menu “Merchant Tools” to see a list of the available tools:

Now click on “Button Maker” to be presented with a form to fill in your product details. This corresponds to one item you want to sell at your online shop. Once your details are entered, select the type of button you want to use as shown in the example below:

Once you have chosen your button image, click on the “Generate button” button and the corresponding button code will be generated in the window below the button.

Now copy the button code and paste it into the source code of your online shop so that it appears underneath the corresponding product.

Congratulations!  Now the payment button is added to your shop page. For example, the above example gives this:

Get Notifications and Payments

When a customer wants to purchase an item, they click on the CoinPayments button you generated and are directed to the CoinPayments checkout page.

The customer can change the quantities, recalculate the total, fill in additional order details, and then they can click on the “Complete Checkout” button to finish the transaction.

Now the customer will get the details about his payment ID, verification code etc.  The customer is given an Earthcoin wallet address where he or she should send the payment to. 

Once the customer has sent a payment, you will get an email notification. 

From your account at CoinPayments, you will be able to see the customer transactions and payment status (“My Account”->”Recent Payments”):

Click on the status link. You will see the details of the transaction and shipping information:

CoinPayments requires 20 confirmations through the Earthcoin payment network before the fund becomes available to you.  This takes approximately 20 minutes. An email notification will be sent to you when your payment becomes available to you. These funds are  added to your total Earthcoin count in your digital wallet.

Once the payment is received, you can prepare the ship the product to your customers.

You can view the transaction history and coin balance from the “My Account” menu.

From there you can see your coin balance and withdraw coins to your wallet. Click on the “Withdraw Coins” button, and enter your wallet address to withdraw.

ou will receive a confirmation after the withdrawal.

This completes our tutorial for the Method-1, using

Method – 2:  Use a Customizable Script

Note: the scripts are under development and may not provide all the features of Coinpayments at this time.

The customize script method is similar, but you will have access to the scripts used, and you can customize it any way you want. This is for the advanced users who understand how to develop for the web. For novice users or those who do not want to spend much time to write scripts, then please use Method-1 with Coinpayments as all the needed tools/utilities are ready for use.

To use the customizable script, download the script and examples from There’s only one script (index.php), where you need to edit and replace your own Earthcoin wallet address in the file, this is the wallet address where you want to receive the payment.

Upload the script to your website, for example, at Now for each item you are selling, put a payment link under it, with description of the item and price in EACs. For example, if you sell an Earthcoin T-shirt at 5000 EACs, the ordering link will be: T-Shirt&cost=5000

You need to do it for each and every item you sell. The link can be embedded in a button called “Payment with EACs” for example.  You can find buttons and banners for your site at

Once your customer wants to order your item, he or she will click on the payment button, and will be redirected to the order screen.

The customers will fill in the order details and click on “Order Now” button and will be shown the merchant’s wallet address to where the payment should be sent.

Once you receive the payment in your wallet, you can ship your product to customer.

Hope this tutorial helps. If you have further questions that are not answered in the following FAQ, please post it in the Earthcoin main thread at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Now I know how to setup my store to receive for Earthcoin payments, but how do I convert Earthcoins to US dollars (or other fiat currencies)?

A:  Unfortunately there is no direct conversion between Earthcoin to USD or other fiat available at this time. You have to convert Earthcoins to Bitcoins first then to fiat. CNY (China Yuan) is the only exception for now. You can sell Earthcoin directly to CNY using exchange

There are many exchanges available for Earthcoins (CryptsyCoinexCoinedUpBTC-8 etc) where you can convert Earthcoin to Bitcoin. If you use Coinpayments and want to convert Earthcoins you received to Bitcoins, you can send EACs directly to Cryptsy and do autosells so you will receive Bitcoins in your cryptsy account.

Converting Bitcoin to fiat can be done in many places: MtGoxBTC-EBitcoin China etc. If you live in US, the easiest way is probably Each of these websites have their own processes for conversion of bitcoins into fiat currencies so please visit them to read their own specific tutorials.

Q: What do you if I want to accept Bitcoin as payment too?

A: If you use Coinpayments, it is easy. Just go to menu item labeled “My Account”->”Coin Acceptance Settings”, and check the Bitcoin option in addition to the Earthcoin option. Now when you generate buttons, both Bitcoin and Earthcoin will be there in the payment options (and their corresponding values will be calculated automatically based on the exchange rates). A buyer can choose which coin will be used as a payment option at the point of checkout.